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The vision to involve Alberta Indigenous people in meaningful and enjoyable sport activities on a regular and organized basis was founded by Mr. Wilton Littlechild , the late Mr. John Fletcher and Mr. Charles Wood. The initial organization was named the Indian Sports Olympic Association (INSPOL). Unfortunately due to lack of on-going finanicial support the Association was unable to continue to work towards the initial vision.

In 1988, a grassroots movement aimed at developing a major sporting event for Indigenous youth took hold. In 1990, this vision became a reality when the first North American Indigenous Games were held in Edmonton. Over 3000 participants completed in a varity of sporting activities.

In 1994, the Indigenous Sport Council (Alberta) was formally registered with Alberta Corporate Registries. The Indigenous Sport Council (Alberta) advocates, coordinates and promotes increased awareness/opportunities in participation for youth and leaders at all levels, from Alberta Games to national/international competitions. its mandate is:
  • to encourage and promote the physical, spiritial, and cultural health, and fitness of Indigenous Youth within the Province of Alberta;
  • to encourage, foster and develop emotional, mental, spiritial and physical well-being in Indigenous Youth in Alberta;
  • to encourage development of self-esteen, pride, diginity, confidence and self-discipline in Indigenous Youth;
  • to increase awareness and understanding of Indigenous people, their culture and communities;
  • to encourage and promote Indigenous Youth to pursue higher levels of education;
  • to identify and promote indigenous community development throug the implementation of leisure and recreation programming;
  • To help inspiring aboriginal youth to take positive actions towards living a more active lifestyle.

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