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Executive Summary

The Indigenous Sport Council (Alberta), ISC(A), is a registered non-profit provincial multi-sport organization that represents all First Nation, Metis and Inuit Youth in the Province of Alberta. The ISC(A) Board of Directors is comprised of 9 members representing the North, Central and South Regions of Alberta.

Vision Statement

The Indigenous Sport Council (Alberta) based on the strong foundation of our people, culture and tradition, creates unity through recreation and sport. The Indigenous Sport Council (Alberta) promotes recreation and sport programs and leadership training opportunities at all levels. The Council supports and assists individuals at compete and succeed at higher levels of competition. The Council is recognized as a leader at the Provincial and National levels.

Our Mission

Provide and support understanding and good will of Indigenous peoples’ cultures.
Raise the standard of fitness of the Indigenous people of North America.
Improve the participation in physical, recreational and amateur sport of the Indigenous people of North America.
Provide a basis of leadership and personal development for athletic and cultural participants.
Stimulate and complement programming that enhances health, responsibility and personal growth.
Provide for an ongoing legacy to continue these objectives without further dependence on public funds.

Executive Director - Jacob Hendy: iscaexecdir@gmail.com

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