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In depth information about or community development, and sports involvement

Community Sport Development

Each of our Six Regional Committees have identified priority sports (Click on your Region), which serve as the focal point for region wide sport development in the areas of youth camps, coaching certification courses and official’s training.

Requests for Community Sport Development activities outside of the list of priority sports are also welcomed and the Regional Committee will consider those requests on a case by case basis.

We are inviting First Nations, Métis Chartered Communities, Friendship Centres and other not-for-profit Indigenous organizations to request to host Regional Youth Sport Camps, Coaching Certification Courses and/or Officials Training Sessions in their community/Centre. To apply for a program, please contact your Regional Coordinator.

Contact your Regional Coordinator for more information:

Fraser Region:
Alana Cook
acook@isparc.ca (t) 604-807-5334

Interior Region:
c/o Michelle Webster
mwebster@isparc.ca (t) 250-306-2391

Northeast Region:
Veronica Haddon (on temp leave)
vhaddon@isparc.ca (t) 250-961-1475

Northwest Region:
Toni Muldoe
tmuldoe@isparc.ca (t) 250-842-8170

Vancouver Coastal Region:
Pete Natrall
pnatrall@isparc.ca (t) 604-251-4844 ext. 308

Vancouver Island Region:
Lise Gillies
lgillies@isparc.ca (t) 250-388-5522 ext. 241

National Coaching Certification Program

Coming Soon...

ACM (Aboriginal Coaching Module)

The Aboriginal Coaching Modules (ACM) are NCCP sport modules that have been identified by the Aboriginal Sport Circle (ASC) as a national priority. It involves three modules that explore Holistic Approaches to Coaching, Dealing with Racism in Sport, and Individual and Community Health and Wellness. More information about the ACM can be found at https://coach.ca/aboriginal-coaching-modules .

    Upcoming ACM Clinics:

2020 Fitness Challange


The Fitness Challenge entailed a walk-jog program which progressed over the 10 weeks of the challenge and culminated with a 5km run. The strength program challenged participants through various core, body weight and plyometric exercises. Participants competed for points to win prizes. ISCA and Western Varieties gave away over 50 prizes while another 25+ camps were given away to the prize winners community of choice. The response to this program was huge and we would like to thank everyone for participating


2020 Family Challenge

The 2020 ISCA Summer Family Challenge had over 100 families register and participate. Each week, families had the opportunity to engage in activities that follow the medicine wheel. Challenges such as fitness, family walks and bike rides, obstacle courses and more were based off the physical body teachings of the medicine wheel, kindness and emotional challenges were based off the emotional teachings of the medicine wheel, the thinking challenges followed the mind teachings of the medicine wheel, and challenges that included cultural and spiritual elements were based off the spiritual side of the medicine wheel. The 12 challenges each week allowed for variety and fun for everyone involved.